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regenerative agriculture

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Homegrown Values

Farming for our Future

Learn more about how Azuluna Foods shines a light on regenerative agriculture and serves as a model for livestock production in the New England region.

Hub-and-spoke farming

Azuluna Family of Farms

Azuluna Farms are a mosaic of hub-and-spoke farming enterprises that feed a region.  Click here to learn more about how we lower the barrier of entry for livestock farming, providing a guaranteed market and fair wages.

Two photos, one on top of the other. The photo at the top left is a photo of a barn at Azuluna Farms with their website on the side. The photo at the bottom right is a closeup of a woman in red flannel holding three eggs in her cupped hands.

Hub-and-spoke farming

Meet the Animals

Learn more about the creatures we raise and how we prioritize their welfare!

Eleven goats in a photo surrounded by greenery


Two bigs being hand fed an ear of corn


A chicken on grass, with more chickens in the background


A large livestock guardian dog, on it's hind legs, leaning against and being petted by person off the left side of the screen


preserve the land

Two photos, one on top of the other. The top left photo is of goats in front of solar panels. The bottom right photo is of wind turbines on the Azuluna Farms property.

Promote Ecological Balance

Sustainability Initiatives

Our pasture-based, regenerative farms practice adaptive grazing, and utilize renewable energy resources in an effort to promote ecological balance and preserve the land for future generations.

Immerse Yourself

Square image depicting the inside sitting room of the farmhouse at Azuluna Farms. The bottom 30% of the photo has a dark blue background
Photo of event attendees toasting with their wine glasses. The hands of 7 or 8 people are visible over a farm to table dinner laid out on a white tablecloth

Visit the Farm

Join us at our premier hub farm in Woodstock, CT, and immerse yourself in the legacy of New England farming.

Our Promise to You

All our Animals Are Raised:

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On Pasture

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High Welfare

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GMO Free

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Hormone Free


Azuluna Foods hard boiled eggs on a plate in a staged photo. The photo has no background.
Dr. George Saperstein DVM
Dr. George Saperstein DVMFormer Director of Corporate Research at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
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When I started Azuluna I was seeing local farmers go out of business – not because they were inefficient, but because they could no longer compete against farms that had cheaper feed, land, and labor. Simply by buying Azuluna products, consumers eat healthier and help local farmers stay in the business of farming and continue to conserve New England soils. Supporting local farmers by keeping them farming became my motto.
Thomas J. “TJ” Delle Donne MAT, CEC
Thomas J. “TJ” Delle Donne MAT, CECDean of Culinary Relations at Johnson & Wales College of Culinary Arts
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"Azuluna is dedicated to regenerative agricultural practices, focused on soil health, pasture-raised and healthier animals that ultimately is producing food that’s simply better…better for you and better tasting. This all coupled with their commitment to nutrition science and highly skilled and thoughtful culinary talent makes for product that’s unmatched."
Dr. Jason R. Evans, Ph.D.
Dr. Jason R. Evans, Ph.D.Dean, College of Food Innovation & Technology Johnson & Wales University
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“Azuluna’s approach is incredibly important for ensuring that farms across the Northeast have a consistent and substantial market for their high-quality outputs. By turning these regionally-sourced ingredients into delicious, nutritious, and convenient meals, the company is truly a model for holistic solutions to complex, pervasive food system problems.”



If you’re interested in joining the Azuluna Family of Farms and want to learn more about our production standards, email us at

Anyone over the age of 18 who is committed to following Azuluna Farms standards. Required acreage is dependent on the species being raised and the forage density of the land.

To learn more about our animal husbandry and pasture management standards, please reach out to us at

Our flagship hub-and-spoke network is located in the southern region of New England, within a 20 miles radius of our premiere hub farm in Woodstock, CT.

We will be expanding hub-and-spoke networks across the New England region, expanding beyond the northeast to multiply the localized environmental, economic, and community benefits.

You can find our pasture-raised bone broth, proteins, and dietitian-designed and chef-crafted ready-to-eat meals at Azuluna Foods.

Supporting local farmers

by keeping them farming

-George Sapperstein, DVM