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211 Pulpit Rock Road
Woodstock, CT 06281




Visits to the farm are by appointment only.

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Azuluna Foods Chicken Pot Pie in a staged photo on marble counter
Azuluna Farms goats in front of the Azuluna Farms 1700s farm house
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Azuluna Foods thanksgiving spread in a staged photo on marble counters, taken from above
Nine eggs in a green metal basket on top of a bed of hay, sitting in the grass

Azuluna Foods

Ready-to-Eat Meals: Azuluna meals are designed by a team of dietitians, featuring a balance of vital macro and micronutrients, and crafted by classically trained chefs, developing recipes that prioritize artisanal flavors using responsibly sourced ingredients so you can enjoy with confidence.

Meat Boxes: Enjoy a variety of meat from animals who have unrestricted access to a holistic, pasture-based diet which results in protein that is significantly more nutritious and delicious.

Bone Broth: A timeless recipe of slow-roasted, pasture-raised chicken bones and organic vegetables and herbs that are caramelized before simmering overnight. The chef-crafted, traditional approach to heritage broth-making results in a delicious elixir rich with health-enhancing nutrients like glutamine, gelatin, collagen, and glycine.

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If you’re interested in joining the Azuluna Family of Farms and want to learn more about our production standards, email us at

Anyone over the age of 18 who is committed to following Azuluna Farms standards. Required acreage is dependent on the species being raised and the forage density of the land.

To learn more about our animal husbandry and pasture management standards, please reach out to us at

Our flagship hub-and-spoke network is located in the southern region of New England, within a 20 miles radius of our premiere hub farm in Woodstock, CT.

We will be expanding hub-and-spoke networks across the New England region, expanding beyond the northeast to multiply the localized environmental, economic, and community benefits.

You can find our pasture-raised bone broth, proteins, and dietitian-designed and chef-crafted ready-to-eat meals at Azuluna Foods.