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Current Challenge

Many people in New England have considered raising livestock on their property or expanding existing agriculture at their current farm. However, folks entering the livestock industry are often hindered by the initial capital investment required to start.

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Hub-and-spoke farming

Our Solution

At Azuluna Farms, we are making livestock farming more accessible by creating regional, hub-and-spoke networks composed of small farmers raising livestock on pasture using regenerative agriculture practices. Within this system, a hub farm distributes resources to aspiring or nascent farmers, our spoke farmers. Hub farms equip our spoke farms with the animals, feed, infrastructure, equipment, and veterinary care necessary to begin livestock farming. Our program mentors farmers, establish rigorous standards and provide access to experts in the agricultural field.

Guidance + Compensation

How it Works

We guide our spoke farmers through the livestock rearing process, providing educational materials, and responding to their needs as they arise. At the end of the season, Azuluna compensates each farmer for their time and labor, purchasing the whole animal and paying competitive wages.

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Fortified Economies

An Avenue for Farmers

The Azuluna hub-and-spoke farming model is an avenue for farmers to diversify their income streams and expand revenue in a financially sustainable way, requiring minimal investment of their time, subverting the traditional upfront costs, and reducing risk by providing a guaranteed market and fair wages.

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Increased Productivity

Through this model, Azuluna will dramatically increase agricultural productivity, stimulating local economies by increasing regional employment and adding 120 new farm enterprises by 2024. As a result, more sustainably raised local livestock will be available on the market, raising 1,250 swine, 1,500 sheep, 50,000 meat chickens, and 625,000 eggs annually.

As we continue to expand within New England, Azuluna Farms will extend our farming model to assist other regions.

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Farmer Applications

At Azuluna Farms, we prioritize the health of the land and the welfare of our animals. For this reason, we hold our farmers to rigorous standards.

If you’re interested in joining the Azuluna Family of Farms and want to learn more about our production standards, email us at